We understand what a daunting task it may seem to get a home ready for an estate sale.  We aim to make the process a smooth and easy one both physically and emotionally. Here are a few simple things you can to before calling us to begin the path towards a successful sale:

  • Locate and remove any personal or family papers, photos, etc. (Don't worry if you don't find them all! We'll put anything we find during setup aside for you.)

  • Remove any items that will be kept by the family or use painter's tape to mark very clearly. We treat each sale as a work of art and we have to know the true spectrum of the palette we are working with from the start. We also want to make sure that heirlooms find their way to where they need to be!

  • Research Professional Estate Sale Companies. Booyah! You're reading about one right now! We and other estate professionals have dedicated our lives to the art of successful estate sales. Don't trust your legacy to just anybody.

  • Remove and discard any medicines, used personal items, garbage, etc.

  • Don't get rid of or discard anything else before consulting Joel's Estate Sales! Today's estate sale shopper expects a variety of items. A successful sale will have all price points represented, with as much variety as possible. Little items add up to big numbers!

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