Our Services

Our staff provides the insight and experience necessary to organize and host a successful sale no matter the size. 

Traditional Sales

We understand that every situation is different. That's part of what makes what we do so fun! From spotless mansions to barns full of dust and vermin, we have seen, and sold, it all! Give us a call or email  today to set up a walk though and let us show you how we can make the process as easy as possible.

Moving Sales

In today's hot housing market properties are selling faster than sellers expect. Don't be caught off guard when you sell your house the day it lists.  Prepare yourself now for a seamless moving sale by giving us a call today. We will also work with your realtor to help make the sale of your home a success.

Estate Clearing

While our mission is to sell everything available there are invariably some items left over. We offer the option of a crew that will donate the remaining items and prepare the property to a "broom clean" condition. There is a fee associated with this service and varies for each sale. Families do have the ability to see what is left after the sale if the clear out crew is hired.


Our crew utilize our vast experience and knowledge along with  the latest advances in research and pricing. We have the ability to bring in collection and item specific experts when needed to maximize estate potential. From jewelry and designer clothes to Pokemon card collections we have the tools, minds, and manpower necessary to get you the most for your estate. 

Store Liquidation

As former retail store owners we understand how hard it is to make the decision to close down. We work with businesses across the spectrum to ensure maximum value for remaining assets. 

Individual Items and Collections

If you don't have enough for a sale but have a few really cool pieces give us a shout. Through our vast customer base we may be able to find you a buyer. If it's something super retro gnarly we may make you an offer!

What Our Clients Say

Bouquet of Flowers

Jane, Hoover

"After trying to have an estate sale for 5 months, met with Joel on a Monday, and he had the sale that next weekend. Above and beyond gracious and professional and efficient. Highly recommend"